So your work is ready

for copyediting.

I’m here to help.

What Cat’s Eye Copyediting Does

Once a project is written, fully developed, and nearing its final word count, it’s time for my polish and shine. My work is the last step before a book is laid out for publication and heads to the proofreader.

Copyediting means carefully poring over a book to ensure grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, continuity, consistency, correctness, and light fact-checking accuracy.

Throughout our work together, I preserve author voice and style while scouring for errors, inconsistencies, discontinuities, and issues that could pull readers out of the story. I may suggest a few sentence rewrites for clarity and accuracy.

The references I use are the digital Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition), Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, house style guides, and credible specialized reference sources.

I query you as needed to ensure my work supports your intent. My suggestions are yours to take, leave, or alter to your satisfaction.

Let's talk.